Thank you for considering the Caravan Industry Association of Australia National Accreditation Program.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia is committed to providing a robust and comprehensive accreditation program which will identify those who participate, as leaders in the industry.

To become accredited you will need to have documented policies and procedures relating to the efficient operations of your caravan park and which conform to the accreditation criteria standards.

To help you on the way, the Caravan Industry Association of Australia can provide you with business tools such as policy/procedure templates designed for caravan park operations. These templates can be downloaded and amended to suit your own business needs.

In addition to the templates, these self-help documents will provide useful tips and helpful links to information resources, should you need to do some extra research for your application.

Alternatively, if you already have documentation which conforms to the accreditation standards, upload them as part of your application.

Once more, thank you for choosing the Caravan Industry Association of Australia accreditation program and please feel free to contact us should you have any questions relating to your application or the accreditation program in general.