Using research to build a strong industry

Caravan Industry Association of Australia facilitates relevant national research which provides for trend analysis, performance measurement, and allows for industry investment, benchmarking, and government reporting.

This year we will
•    Start recording retail sales levels
•    Consider industry confidence through a business sentiment survey
•    Review consumer sentiment, and purchase and holiday intentions
•    Introduce caravan park statistics replacing previous ABS data collection
•    Update the Caravan & Campervan Data report based on Y/E 31 Jan 2014 data
•    Continue to collect quarterly sales and registration data, and monthly RV production data

Some industry facts

The Caravanning & Camping Industry in Australia is a large and dynamic industry.

The Industry comprises of caravan holiday parks, caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers, tent trailers, camping, cabins, plus other RV’s, and industry suppliers, this is approximately 4,000 individual businesses.

85% of the Australian population has had a caravanning or camping experience at least once in their lifetime and 88% of campers say it something that every child should experience. The Real Richness Report, a study completed in 2011, concluded that campers are happier, more energised, optimistic, and satisfied than non-campers, and that families that go camping feel closer and more wealthy.

73% of people purchasing caravans and motorhomes cited the desire to see more of Australia as sparking their original interest in caravanning and camping.

Recent research compiled by BDO, from the ABS Motor Vehicle Census, shows that there are over 556,848 caravans, motorhomes and other industry products registered in Australia, this is a 34% increase in registrations since 2008 with over 5% year on year growth for the past six years.

Caravans (or towable products) make up 90% of registered RV’s in Australia and Motorhomes (or motorise products) make up the remaining 10% (where RV represents all types of recreational vehicles). Over 70% of the RV’s purchased in Australia were made in Australia. The wholesale value of Australian manufactured RV’s is $940 million annually.

43% of recent RV purchasers were made by people looking to use their caravanning and camping product 5-10 times per year.

The Tourism Research Australia National Visitor Survey indicates that there were over 30 million domestic visitor nights spent in a caravan park or commercial camping ground in Australia during the year ended September 2013. The sector makes up 10% of all visitor nights in Australia and domestic tourist make up 89% of all travel within the sector.

There are 170,000 powered and unpowered sites available nightly in Australia. At an average occupancy rate of 54% this means 86,000 sites go unused nightly around the country.

Caravanning and camping visitors spend approximately $7 billion when travelling in Australia, creating an economic value of $17.44 billion to Australia economy annually and around 90% of all visitor nights in the sector are spent in regional Australia, making the sector a large economic contributor to regional Australia.

Caravan parks are also strong contributors to their local economies, in addition to the non-financial contribution they make through the provision of service such as tourist information, for every $100 of revenue received by the park $138 of direct economic benefit flows through the local economy.
International caravanning and camping visitors in 2011 spent on average $7,507 per trip, compared to only $4,776 for non-caravanning and camping visitors. International caravanning and camping visitors in 2011 also spent on average 71 visitor nights in Australia compared to just 33 for their non-caravanning and camping counterparts.

The primary user group of the sector is the family market, aged 30-54 years, comprising 50% of market share within the sector; this is consistent with the caravanning and camping marketing in most other countries. The secondary market is the 55–70 years age group, active seniors, making up approximately 25% of caravanners and campers. When looking at who goes caravanning and camping it is interesting to note that 52% of Households earning over $80,000 have gone caravanning or camping in the past two years.

A KPMG Report into caravanning and camping demographics highlighted significant opportunities for the industry in the family market as the one of the groups most likely to grow in the future.

The caravanning and camping sector in Australia employs over 25,000 direct employees.

FUN FACT: In 2010 campervans and motorhomes alone travelled approximately 607 million kilometres in Australia – equivalent to driving to the moon and back 790 times