2022 Call for National Board Nominations

Do you have an interest in driving the Australian caravanning and camping industry forward?

Nominations are now open for those individuals wishing to provide strategic direction of the peak national body for the Australian caravan and camping industry – Caravan Industry Association of Australia, through the national board of the Company.

Each year, in accordance with the constitution, there is an opportunity for interested persons to join the board through an election process, voted for by member state caravanning associations (this means the annual election is subject to only twelve votes).  Caravan Industry Association of Australia has a board of nine and has a rotation requirement whereby approximately 50% of the board shall be subject to re-election on an annual basis.  This year four of the nine board positions will be declared vacant at the AGM held in late November.

This year, the individuals required to step down are:

  • Donna Cocking (Parks)
  • Brad Slater (Trade)
  • Gerard Waldron (Trade)
  • Grant Wilckens (Parks)

Each of those above is eligible to re-nominate for the Board. 

The national board is comprised of up to nine individuals from across the industry with no more than five board members involved in the same Caravan Industry Category (Parks or Trades) eligible as determined at the time of their nomination as per constitution clause 4.1.1 (c).   The term of office for each elected director is two years, with a maximum of three consecutive terms, with additional conditions for the Chairperson.

Based on the above requirement, the only two outcomes for the 2022 election will be 1 park category member and 3 trade category members elected, or 2 from each category.  To meet the constitutional requirement of the board composition, an individual receiving less votes than another may still be elected to the Board.  In the event of a tied vote, a count-back system provided for in the constitution will be applied.

The election will be conducted electronically and overseen by the Company Secretary, Ed Browne from Macpherson Kelley Lawyers.

Those board members not subject to re-election in 2022 are:

  • Martin Cotterell (Parks)
  • Kate Meldrum (Trade)
  • Nikki Milne (Parks)
  • Margaret Shannon (Parks)
  • Christopher Woods (Trade)

A nomination may be made by any individual nominee, and must be:

  • Submitted via the online nomination form;
  • Signed by a Member of Caravan Industry Association of Australia seconding the nomination (a Member being one of the state caravanning associations);
  • Submitted to Caravan Industry Association of Australia no later than 5pm AEST 20th October 2022. 

Nominations which show clear understanding of the different roles and responsibilities between Caravan Industry Association of Australia and state caravanning associations will be well regarded through the voting process.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia values national board diversity and encourages those from diverse cultural and gender backgrounds, as well as young members of the industry to nominate.

For further information on the process (or to arrange for their nomination to be seconded by a member), please contact Stuart Lamont at stuartl@caravanindustry.com.au or Company Secretary Ed Browne of Macpherson Kelley at Ed.Browne@mk.com.au.