7 Tips for Planning and Prioritising

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Summer holidays and kicking off the new year is our busiest time of year, and I also begin planning our stands at the major caravan and camping shows across the country with our dealers around this time. Planning and prioritising is paramount. Our stands can be up to 4000m2, showcasing almost 100 units, staffed by up to 60 people. This creates a huge amount of work and it needs to get done. Here’s my tips for managing peak times in your business and getting it all done.

  1. Breakdown your tasks and prioritise them in order of importance.
  2. Look for quick wins. Complete tasks you can get done quickly in between larger tasks, or at least work on them.
  3. Get the ball rolling on larger tasks and then “put it in someone else’s hands” to keep the momentum. This may be a third party that needs your help up to a certain point and then can take over. If a task will take a long time to get through, you just have to begin.
  4. Plan your day. Assign a realistic and achievable workload to your daily and weekly task sheets.
  5. Keep a detailed spreadsheet. You want a live update on your progress that can be easily amended. It can also be sent and filed as required.
  6. Add every single task to your list, Even though it feels like it’s always getting bigger, it will eventually get smaller.
  7. Ask for help if you need it. Don’t be afraid to ask for support from the people around you. There may even be others external to your business who can offer advice.

Scott Jones
RV Regional Sales Manager