A Glimmer of Hope in the MVSA Act Review

< Date: 01 June 2015

In recent weeks we have seen positive interaction with the Federal Government, both through the Minister overseeing the MVSA Review (Jamie Briggs MP) and the Federal Department which oversees the Act.

Following discussions aimed at addressing issues within our sector not consistent with the automotive industry, Caravan Industry Association of Australia was invited to submit additional information regarding our previous submission as part of the Review.

Our additional submission can be seen here. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Any Review must be consistently applied across locally manufactured product and imported units, and the submission attempts to deal with this through having local manufacturers and commercial importers receive pre-approval through the existing RVCS system, while those not eligible for the system undergoing a physical inspection rather than the current self-declaration process.

In addition, regulatory savings must be applied to regulatory review, and as an industry we look forward to simplifying construction standards and looking for harmonisation opportunities which will save manufacturers time (and money) and which don’t create a risk to injury or death of the consumer.

We will keep the industry abreast of developments in the MVSA Act Review, and are continuing to develop strategies around how the industry responds once the Review becomes publicly available.