A partnership with a heart

DefibsPlus is pleased to officially announce a new partnership with RMS, a leading provider of accommodation booking software. The partnership includes a number of exciting initiatives around heart health with a commitment to keeping Australians safe from one of the leading causes of death, Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Over 20,000 Australians die each year from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. To significantly reduce this figure, DefibsPlus have partnered with Monash Paramedicine University and developed an online training program that provides community leaders with the confidence to use a defibrillator in a critical moment.

The newfound partnership with RMS, will allow the team at DefibsPlus to build on their innovative Heart Smart Program and guide them through the second phase of its development. Globally renowned in the hospitality industry, RMS will help DefibsPlus extend their reach in a continued effort to educate people working in public places about bystander CPR and AED use.

As key community hubs, caravan parks are a strategic location for AED access. The $1 million-dollar Caravan Park Defibrillator Subsidy Program is still available, meaning Caravan Parks are eligible for $1000 cash-back per defibrillator purchased. With every defibrillator purchased through DefibsPlus, parks will receive exclusive access to the Heart Smart Program.

This unique partnership with RMS will provide both the necessary equipment and Monash accredited training to act should a medical emergency arise. Together, we can save lives.

“We are delighted that this partnership will ensure the growth of more Heart Safe Communities across Australia,” said Louise Dawson, Managing Director at DefibsPlus.

“At DefibsPlus we know how to save lives and we want to share this knowledge so that our families, our friends and our neighbours are protected in this way.”

“The simple fact of the matter is that these machines, with the right training can save lives,” said Tom Buttigieg, Head of Global Partnerships RMS.

“Community awareness is key. RMS is incredibly proud to partner with DefibsPlus and encourage the Park community to participate in this fantastic initiative “  

Are you prepared if someone near you has a Sudden Cardiac Arrest? Are you looking to build a Heart Smart community? For more information and to get access to exclusive pricing call 1300 463 334 or email info@defibsplus.com.au.