Accredited Caravan Holiday Parks

Caravan/Holiday Park Accreditation Program

The Caravan /Holiday Park Accreditation Program is a industry specific scheme, to improve business standards within the industry by Caravan/Holiday Park owners and managers.

To become an accredited business, caravan holiday parks agree to comply with certain standards, including legal compliance, environmental management, customer service, risk management and maintenance.  These businesses display the ‘accreditation key’ to show that they are a an accredited business.  For parks wishing to know more about accreditation please contact us on 07 3262 6566 or

What are the benefits of staying in an accredited park?

The park:

  1. Is committed to providing you with a quality service.
  2. Adheres to stringent security and safety measures.
  3. Abides by a code of conduct for customer service, complaints handling and general feedback.
  4. Has procedures and schedules in place for regular maintenance, cleaning and repairs
  5. Implements procedures to minimise risk, and has emergency and evacuation procedures

So, when you choose caravan holiday park accommodation, look for the KEY logo!