Program Objectives

Caravan/Holiday Park Accreditation Program

Program Objectives

The Caravan/Holiday Park Accreditation Program is about leadership and professionalism. The program will identify the leaders in the industry and recognise their professionalism in achieving benchmark performance levels in customer service, risk management and business planning. It provides a framework for good business practice and encourages continuous review and improvement. It also provides an assurance to consumers and the industry that operators possess a commitment to quality and good customer service.

Program Outline

The Caravan/Holiday Parks Accreditation Program has the following characteristics:
• A single level program, based on self-assessment supplemented by an on-site assessment by an independent assessor within a three year accreditation period
• Subject to an annual renewal
• Self-funded by the caravan industry
• Managed by the industry at national level, (or under sub-licence through a relevant state caravanning association)
• Incorporates and adheres, at an obsolute minimum, to the national standards established by Caravan Industry Association of Australia which issues the national Accreditation “key” logo
• Consistent with the principle of continuous improvement, the national program will be reviewed regularly

Why accreditation benefits business

Accreditation recognises those parks committed to achieving high standards.
The benefits to you for participating in this program include:
• Development of a useful, comprehensive Business Plan for your park
• Ideas for how you can gain – and keep – more happy customers
• Ideas for improving productivity and profitability through good management of your staff, park facilities, environment and customer interactions
• Competitive advantage in selected marketing campaigns and recognition by the industry as a reliable, professional operation
• May assist you gaining a competitive advantage in seeking business loans, insurance etc. An accredited operator can demonstrate astute, productive management


Caravan Industry Association of Australia strongly believes that for this program to be sustainable and credible, it should not rely on government subsidy or on-going assistance from other areas within the Caravan Industry Association of Australia budget.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia has therefore made a commitment that its National Accreditation Program will be self-funded.

It is recognised that not all park operators will opt for accreditation, so those who do choose to apply will pay for its administration and assessment. Any surplus revenue will go into supporting the program.

In return, those operators will be the ones nominated for marketing opportunities, being recognised as parks with the most reliable and professional management and customer service systems in the industry.

Viability of the program is a key concern.  Therefore, Caravan Industry Association of Australia has assessed all likely costs and contingencies in establishing and running the program before setting the fees.

The fee cost is $400 (excluding GST)

Operators accredited under another accreditation program e.g. ATAP and wanting to take up the Caravan Industry Association of Australia program can do so by applying for a transfer of accreditation from one program to another.

Operators who are not members of their State Association or contributors to Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s national marketing fund will pay the same amount as members or contributors.

Management of the Program

The program is managed by Caravan Industry Association of Australia and overseen by Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s Board. The board is made up of representatives across the whole of industry who are successful leaders and well regarded within the industry.

In some geographical regions, the Caravan/Holiday Parks Accreditation Program will be administered by state caravanning associations under sub-licence from Caravan Industry Association of Australia. Under any such arrangement, the state caravanning association will be authorised to undertake necessary assessments, appeals etc, to independently test against the Caravan/Holiday Parks Accreditation criteria applicable in that region.

Under a sub-licence to a state caravanning association, the Caravan/Holiday Parks Accreditation criteria for that state may be modified by the relevant state caravanning association, however will be at a minimum of that detailed in the standard Caravan/Holiday Parks Accreditation national criteria.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia will:
• Act as the issuing authority for accreditation certificates
• Ensure the assessment and annual renewal of accreditation status
• Maintain a national register of accredited operators
• Conduct appeals, and remove accreditation status
• Review and improve the accreditation program
• Report performance of the program to the Caravan Industry Association of Australia national Board.

Assessment of Applications

Caravan Industry Association of Australia assesses applications from caravan/holiday park operators and, if all criteria are met, approves accreditation and presents Certificates of Accreditation on behalf of the Caravan Industry Association of Australia.

On-going Assessments

The annual renewal of your accredited status involves signing a declaration that all documents and compliance are still current and that implementation of plans is occurring and payment of the renewal fee.

An on-site assessment by an independent assessor will be conducted from time to time to verify statements made in your application. This visit is not intended to be a disciplinary experience, but an opportunity to discuss your progress, ideas and comments on the program.


A procedure for appeals allows operators a right of appeal against decisions relating to the non-approval or removal of Accreditation. Appeals are to be made by the operator to General Manager – Industry Development – Caravan Industry Association of Australia.

The basis for appeals is to be limited to a refusal to grant accreditation or a removal of accreditation. Criticism of the accreditation program content is not a valid basis for appeal.

Loss of Accreditation

You can lose accreditation if:
• You fail to maintain compliance with the requirements or fail to pay the required annual fee; or
• There are substantiated complaints about your business reflecting a serious breakdown in a standard required; or
• There are regular substantiated reports of failure to maintain the defined requirements; or

If Caravan Industry Association of Australia becomes aware of any of the above situations and advises the operator of same, that operator has a maximum of three months to rectify the situation before the Caravan Industry Association of Australia acts to remove accreditation.

Licensing Agreement and Use of Logo

Approval of the application for accreditation will give the caravan/holiday park operator the right to display the Certificate of Accreditation, the Accreditation logo and Code of Conduct. They must be prominently displayed and are for use only in accordance with these guidelines and only when accreditation is current. The logo may be displayed on any brochures, literature or signage.

The accreditation logo however displayed remains the property of the issuing authority, Caravan Industry Association of Australia of whom retains the right to recover use of the logo directly from the individual business. If a caravan/holiday park operator has accreditation withdrawn, or chooses not to renew, he/she is responsible for returning certificate, signs and logos to Caravan Industry Association of Australia immediately.

Promotion of your Accreditation

Promotion of accredited dealership operators will be supported by Caravan Industry Association of Australia from surplus funds derived from this accreditation program.

The onus is on you to promote the meaning of the logo and the advantages to your customers. You are also responsible for meeting customer expectations about accreditation, for maintaining your high standards and for continually seeking to improve your management practices and customer service.

After you become accredited, Caravan Industry Association of Australia will provide you with:

• The logo to display and use in your promotional materials
• An Accreditation Certificate and Code of Conduct certificate to display
• Opportunities to be included in accreditation specific promotions

Code of Conduct

Once you have adopted the quality business standards as set out in the Caravan/Holiday Park Accreditation Program and have been granted accreditation status, you will be obliged to commit to the Code of Conduct which states:

  • Our organisation will endeavour to follow best business practices by ensuring continuous review and improvement of all operational documentation.
  • We acknowledge our responsibility to meet the reasonable expectations of all customers and suppliers to the best of our ability.
  • All our customers will be treated equally and all reasonable concerns and queries shall be fairly and amicably dealt with as soon as practicable.
  • We are committed to exercising all reasonable care when addressing customer’s safety and comfort.
  • Customers will be informed of the terms and conditions of any transaction including terms of payment and cancellation. Our business will adhere to these conditions.
  • A reasonable commitment by us will be made to present our facilities, products and/or services in the best possible way and take reasonable measures to ensure that all facilities, equipment and products are in good working order.
  • Reflecting a true representation of all advertising, promotional activities and products are recognised as the responsibility of our business.