The Accreditation Key

The RVMAP Accreditation Key

The Accreditation Key is the business’s commitment to consistently supply product that adheres to relevant Australian Design Rules and Federal Compliance Regulations.

RVMAP Manufacturer Badge

Licenced Manufacturers who produce an Australian made Recreational Vehicle, other than a ‘Camper’ as defined below will display the RVMAP Manufacturer Badge.

RVMAP Camper Badge

Licenced Manufacturers who produce an Australian made Camper or Tent Trailer will display the RVMAP Camper Badge.

RVMAP International Badge

Licenced businesses and/or manufacturers importing Recreational Vehicles, either in their entirety or partially assembled will display the ‘RVMAP International’ accreditation badge.

The History of Accreditation in Australia

You may also be familiar with the RVMAA and RVM Australia badges (as seen below), which was the ‘seal of approval’ on thousands of Recreational Vehicles built by licenced manufacturers up until July 2014. At this time, the Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing Association of Australia (RVM Australia) merged with the Caravan, RV & Accommodation Industry of Australia Ltd (CRVA) to establish the Caravan Industry Association of Australia.