Accredited Caravan Holiday Park Consumer Promotion

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Australa's Greatest camping BBQAccredited Caravan Holiday Park Consumer Promotion Launching next week is a dedicated Caravan Industry Association of Australia Accredited Caravan Holiday Park Promotion which is designed to encourage consumers to choose and look for the Accredited Key when booking their caravan holiday accommodation.

We are also delighted to announce Dometic as promotion partners, their support for the caravan industry is invaluable and ensures that activities designed to get more Australians caravan and camping can be undertaken.

The promotion will provide a chance for all guests who stay at an Accredited Caravan Holiday Park a free entry for a chance to win a $5,000 Camping Holiday or a Dometic prize pack.  The theme for the promotion leverages from the classic summer camping BBQ experience and entries will run from December 13th, 2017 to conclude on the 25th January 2018, allowing this fantastic promotion to end with a national BBQ initiative on Australia Day.

We have big ambitions for a special BBQ initiative on Australia Day and hope to announce these details to you very shortly.  STAY TUNED!

How to take advantage of the promotion

As an Accredited Caravan Holiday Park, you can directly benefit and take advantage of this marketing and promotion opportunity by;

  1. Promoting the chance to win by choosing your park e.g. website, social media, newsletter etc.
  2. Creating a positive point of contact and reward for your guests as they check-in!

Marketing Materials


(click here to download)

To assist your caravan holiday park to maximise this opportunity, we have designed and attached a digital marketing pack for download, which also includes a printable A4 poster.  The pack includes digital marketing assets for your website, social media and other digital marketing you may undertake such as email newsletters, blogs etc.

We suggest you provide this content to your IT manager/service provider so your assets can be updated and consumers will know that staying at your park provides a chance to win this promotion.


In addition, you will also receive printed marketing materials in the post for your reception desk, including tabletop counter cards and promotional business cards that can be provided to your guests upon check-in.  The printed materials include instructions on how to enter.

*The printed materials are in the post and will arrive within the next four working days, they are addressed ‘The Manager’, so please keep an eye out!

For further information please email of call (03) 9815 2015