Government Relations and Policy

Communicating the Value of the Caravanning and Camping Sector

Caravan Industry Association of Australia undertakes appropriate Federal Government and stakeholder interactions to ensure that the industry is able to develop and advance, and consumers are provided with safe and quality interactions with industry products and participants.

Advocacy Activities

Caravan Industry Association of Australia regularly meets with senior Federal Ministers to actively raise the profile of the industry, and to advocate industry issues with key decision makers, their advisors and federal departments.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia is proud to work with all sides of politics to build a more resilient, safer and sustainable industry.

Contribution of the Caravan Industry to Australia

Sovereign Manufacturing

Recreational vehicle manufacturing is the largest remaining bastion of automotive manufacturing in Australia with 4,000 businesses involved in building, supplying, retailing and repairing recreational vehicles.

Regional Economies

Caravan and camping accounts for $10 billion in visitor spend and comprises 35% of all holiday nights in the country. Caravan parks are the largest provider of commercial accommodation in regional Australia.


As an Association we speak to 600,000 consumers and 6,000 businesses to get more Australians taking more caravan and camping trips, and arriving home safely.

Social & Health Benefits

70% of Australians have caravanned or camped in their lifetime, with 1 in taking a trip in 2021.  People who caravan and camp feel less stressed and have a stronger connection to their loved ones.

Interested in Hearing More?

Each month Caravan Industry Association of Australia releases a overview of the activities of the Association, key data from the industry and headline news from the broader caravan and camping sector. This is specifically designed for government and tourism industry stakeholders.

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