An update for RMS customers


Are you an RMS customer? This important update might be of interest:

“Like you, we are seeing and feeling the effects of this global pandemic every day.

With this unprecedented event that is overrunning our Health System and Destroying our Economy, the Hospitality Industry is being decimated, I’m really not sure what to say or where it’s all going to end.

Fortunately, RMS is currently, able to fully operate around the world with our entire staff working from home with all support services and software development continuing as close to normal as possible.

We are assisting customers that are experiencing genuine insolvency hardship by reducing subscription fees, where possible. If you are in this situation and have not yet contacted us, please email and we will do whatever we can to assist. Albeit small, we have also deferred the introduction of the Google Address Lookup fee and have turned it back on for all customers FOC.

More than ever, we need to work together to navigate our way through this. Getting the most out of RMS can be one of those ways. With more time on your hands, it might be a good time to get stuck into technology projects that have been on the back burner. We’re running training at discounted rates to facilitate this so please reach out to if you would like more information.

Look after yourselves, your community and let’s look forward to getting to the other side.

Kind Regards,

Peter Buttigieg

CEO & Founder RMS Cloud”