BMPRO supports industry’s Future Leaders

Innovation. It’s a word that conjures images of vibrancy, creativity, and youthfulness.

BMPRO, a company with a 50 year history of manufacturing, proves innovation and longevity make great partners. That’s why BMPRO again lends its support to the Future Leaders Forum. Their experimental attitude goes hand-in-hand with the young emerging leaders within Australia’s caravan industry.

For BMPRO, innovation means knowing no limits, not fearing a fall. They believe this also describes you, as young leaders who enjoy the thrill of touring and exploring the world. You aren’t scared by a possible fall. As future leaders in caravanning, you know that the savvy traveller looks for new technologies in energy efficiency and fuel consumption. In this era, touring enthusiasts are a diverse group who seek to increase a healthy work/life balance and greater comfort options in their caravan or RV. As future leaders, you understand that innovation embeds itself in new marketing, overhauling management habits in caravan parks, and original inventions that will increase the enjoyment in touring.

BMPRO know how to innovate. They place user experience first and always seek to understand consumer trends and demands, particularly from the upcoming generation of RVers. Recently, BMPRO entered the US market at the recent RVX show in Salt Lake City with our product RVMaster, a console with an app for RV control and management. This year, they launched a new app for Jayco caravan owners, and a new control and management system for Australian caravanners.

And they’re behind you, cheering, encouraging, supporting. BMPRO wants you, the future leaders of the industry, to be receptive and open, to know what’s happening in the market and in the world, to experiment with new ideas and technologies. Get out there and explore your industry and your world, attend workshops and conferences, invest in education, partner with the innovators in the industry. Most of all, turn your ideas into reality.

And always remember, if a company doesn’t innovate, it stagnates.