Camec re-brands to strengthen relationship with customers

Camec was originally founded by Kevin O’Brian in 1963 as he identified the need for a specialised caravan repair business to service the growing caravan tourism industry. His vison led to the creation of the Classic Caravan Repair Centre based in Melbourne, Australia.

Over the past 55 years the brand has grown and evolved, and the team is now launching a new marketing direction that brings in line what Camec provides to the industry and consumer today.

Motivation behind brand refresh

Over the years, the team at Camec felt they had somewhat lost their marketing message, and it was the perfect time to look at the business and identify all the different touchpoints Camec has in the market. They discovered new insights through internal workshops, interviewing our customers from OEM, trade and consumers and also their own staff. They believe the passion needs to start in the business and spread out to all customers through service, product development and overall brand experience.

Some of the key insights included:


  • Consumers are interested in new products, new trends and ongoing sources of information that help them travel in comfort and safety.
  • They are looking for high quality and reliable products that helps provide everything they need for their family while travelling.
  • Consumers are seeking an accessories provider that offers multiple touch points across the country, making vehicle maintenance while on the road exceptionally easi


  • OEM customers look for support and a partnership with Camec. This mutual respect between Camec and OEM partners means that product development and innovation can be shared to benefit the consumer.
  • By still manufacturing here in Australia it gives Camec the opportunity to work with customers to develop to their requirements, provide a point of difference and deliver in a timely manner.

Retail and trade

  • Retail and Trade business customers are interested in new products, new category trends and ongoing sources of information that helps them sell the right product to their consumers at the right times.

Camec brand message

  • Camec is driven by a passion for improving the travel and holiday experiences for all RV and caravan travellers throughout Australia and New Zealand. Understanding the need for reliability on the road, Camec provides easy access to a wide range of RV and Caravan accessories that enable everyday comfort for everyone.

Making anywhere home

The team at Camec live to create outdoor comfort for customers wherever the road make take them. They have all the parts and accessories when and where customers may need them to make all RV and caravan experiences feel just like home.

The future

Camec are excited to take this new direction and continue to work with customers in developing relationships, advanced product development and making sure they are aligned with their trade, retail and OEM customers to help consumers make anywhere home before and during their travels.

The new website will be launched this month and can be accessed at