Campaign promoting holiday safety

We all know the summer holiday period is one of the busiest times of year for the caravan and camping industry.

Over the summer, visitors look forward to the chance to ‘switch off’ and make memories together. Many families choose to stay at a campground or holiday park over the summer, which can often contain a mixture of roadways and recreational areas.

While everybody loves a chance to relax and unwind, it is important to remain vigilant regarding road safety- particularly around the holiday season, which is statistically one of the busiest and most dangerous times of year.

In an effort to help ensure children at holiday parks remain safe, the Little Blue Dinosaur foundation has implemented the ‘It’s Holiday Time: Slow Down, Kids Around’ campaign.

Outside the home environment, roadways can look different to what children see at home, meaning they may therefore not recognise them as roadways. Things like different line markings, narrow roadways, whether or not a road has curbs or gutters can all cause confusion for young holidaymakers, and it can take just a few seconds for tragedy to strike.

To remind residents and travellers that they are sharing the area with children, Little Blue Dinosaur has installed ‘Slow Down, Kids Around’ signage throughout numerous holiday park roadway networks.

Similarly, ‘Hold my Hand’ signage has been installed in park locations, especially gated recreational areas, to remind parents and carers of the importance of holding children’s hands when they are on or near a road. The signs act as a timely reminder to exercise special care and vigilance when around roads with children on holiday.

For more information in creating a safer holiday park for your tenants or children, contact Little Blue Dinosaur or visit


About Little Blue Dinosaur

Little Blue Dinosaur is dedicated to educating and protecting child pedestrians from the ever-present danger associated with roadways and motor vehicles.

The foundation was created by Michelle and David McLaughlin, whose son Tom tragically died in a pedestrian accident while the family was on holidays on the Central Coast.

The family and foundation are dedicated to advocating child road safety through education, campaigning, and implementing road safety initiatives. They also aim to educate parents/carers of the potential dangers in their children’s “out of normal environment” interactions, which most often occur in Holiday Times, where the risk profile is raised significantly due to increased traffic & pedestrian activity.