Camping is a ‘Real Life Classroom’ these school holidays, 94% of campers agree it teaches children important life skills

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After such a disruptive year for parents across Australia, trying to balance education challenges created by COVID-19 and work, these school holidays provide the perfect opportunity to take a camping trip to enjoy a ‘Real Life Classroom’ plus get some much needed stress relief and family time together.   

There are so many benefits for children and parents when they go on a camping trip.  In fact, the Real Richness Report found: 

  • 94% of campers believe that camping teaches children life skills 
  • 93% of campers felt that camping brings families closer together. 
  • 97% of campers believe that is allows children to learn about the environment  
  • 73% of campers thought it should be part of the school curriculum  

“This year has allowed many of us to be reminded about important family time is, and what better way to reconnect and learn together than taking a trip in the great outdoors” said Keelan Howard GM of Marketing and Communication with Caravan Industry Association of Australia.  

The newly released State of Industry Report 2020 found that the largest travel party type taking caravan and camping trips was in fact families travelling with children, making up 28%.   

It seems that the popularity is catching, the 30-54 year old market, which is largely dominated by families, continues to be the largest caravan and camping market, they took a total of 6.4 million trips in 2019, increasing by 10% from 2018. 

“A common misconception about the caravan industry is that the key market is grey nomads, while the over 55 market is incredibly important as they travel far and for long periods of time, it is actually the family market that takes the most amount of caravan and camping trips.” Mr Howard continued.  

While these trips are especially popular during school holidays, Australian families are also seeking the lifestyle of the open road for extended periods of time.  The “Big Lap” sounds very enticing after a year like this, taking the children out of the four walls of a classroom to see the “Real Life Classroom” where they are able to learn through interaction.  

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