Caravan and campervan registrations in Australia top 500,000

< Date: 17 March 2014

There are now over half a million registered caravanning and camping products in Australia with campervan and caravan registrations reaching a combined total of 502,025 according to figures released last week by CRVA.


The Caravan and Campervan Data Report produced by BDO continues to show the strength and resilience of the Australian caravanning and camping industry.


According to CRVA Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Lamont, “Caravanning holidays continue to grow in popularity as families, baby boomers and older Australians increasingly choose to explore the country by road, and this is reflected in these new registration figures.”


Mr Lamont continued, “Caravanning and camping remains the quintessential Australian holiday, providing escapism from everyday life, through to quality time with loved ones – all at some of Australia’s most spectacular locations.”


Some findings from the report include:

  • Caravan registrations increased 5.96% to January 2012 the highest recorded against other motor vehicle types;
  • Caravans continue to represent 89% of total registrations with campervans totalling 11%;
  • Victoria has the largest fleet of caravans, Queensland the highest percentage of campervan registrations;
  • Western Australia has the highest combined caravan and campervan registrations per head of population at 29.8 per 1,000;
  • Tasmania continues to have more than twice as many registered campervans per head of population than any of the mainland states;
  • The average age of Australian campervans is 17.6 years, with all states except Western Australia and South Australia showing a decrease in average age over the past five years;
  • Camper trailers continue to make up the greatest number of caravan registrations by far, although there is a growing trend towards caravans in the 1.6 to 3 tonne range reflecting the popularity of family vans;
  • Mandurah in Western Australia has the highest combined number of caravan and campervan registrations followed by Bundaberg (Qld), Fraser Coast (Qld), Toowoomba (Qld), and Albany (WA).  Gladstone in Queensland saw the greatest percentage increase of those postcodes with greater than 1,000 registrations at 13.2%; and
  • In 2012 campervans travelled approximately 255 million kilometres, the equivalent of Sydney to Darwin via Melbourne and Adelaide per campervan.

The local manufacturing industry remains strong despite strong competition, with Australian manufactured product exceeding 20,000 units for the fourth year running in 2013.  This coupled with strong consumer demand as evidenced by a 10% increase in attendance at the recently held Melbourne Caravan and Camping Show, continues to hold the industry in good stead.


“The affordability of an Australian caravanning or camping holiday provides an experience for all, generating magical memories, and in many cases friends for life.  The ability to re-use your caravan or campervan for short getaways or long vacations, or to pass on to loved ones so they too can experience what Australia has to offer, continues to make caravanning or camping one of the best value holiday options in Australia today,” Mr Lamont said.