Caravan and campervan registrations on the rise reports BDO

< Date: 14 August 2014

The latest Caravan & Campervan Data Report has now been finalised, with findings showing an increase in recreational vehicle registrations in Australia.


The report, commissioned by Caravan Industry Association of Australia, found that the number of registered RVs in Australia as at January 2013, was 528,869, an increase of over 5 percent on the previous year. Of these registered vehicles 474,783 are towed product (i.e. caravans, camper trailers, tent trailers, and other towed RVs) while 54,103 are motorised (i.e. motorhome or campervan).


The report also offers a state by state breakdown of registrations, as well as per capita comparisons.


The findings follow on from the good news that came in the form of the latest RV production statistics. Production figures for May 2014 were up 7.4% since May 2013. They also showed the highest towables production (1,871) in at least six years and the highest combined total (2,121) since March 2011.


For more information, or a copy of the Caravan and Campervan Data Report, contact Caravan Industry Association of Australia on 07 3262 6566, or email