Caravan and Camping lifestyle is getting talked about – in a good way!

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Family enjoying caravan and camping at nightIt’s always exciting when we get a mention in mainstream media and like any organisation keen to promote on behalf of the industry these mentions were not an accident but the result of the hard work that the Caravan Industry Association of Australia has undertaken to ensure that the industry is at the forefront of consumer awareness by generating positive media commentary on the caravan and camping lifestyle.

By now you may have heard about our recent media activities with Studio Ten and Sam Mac’s Sunrise convoy but mentions such as a recent inclusion in an article on MSN on Australian caravan parks offering more than ever before, shows that more than ever our efforts to promote a caravan and camping lifestyle are impacting the wider media. Basically, people are starting to talk about us and in this article use our data research to support the idea of going caravanning and camping, which is good news for everyone.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia has been working on a consistent strategy to promote the many positive and exciting benefits of caravanning and camping to the diverse Australian community. Telling stories and gaining national media attention including all market segments are part of an overall strategy to build wide appeal and engagement, sharing the excitement brought about when people go on a caravan and camping holiday.  Articles such as the contribution of the MSN article are part of an ongoing public relations program which includes all channels and content that can be widely shared and talked about including social media chatter such as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and blogs.