Caravan and camping trips proven to benefit women’s health


Following a week where Australian women are encouraged to focus on their health, research has revealed a variety of important benefits of caravan and camping trips.

In today’s modern society, life is busier than ever and women all around Australia are working around the clock to balance work, family life, relationships, and other activities.

Throughout National Women’s Health Week (September 3-7), Australian women have been encouraged to put themselves first think about their health and wellbeing. This can include physical health, fitness, mental and emotional wellbeing, general lifestyle, and relationships with partners and family.

Health and wellbeing encompass many things, and National Women’s Health Week is a great opportunity to highlight some of the factors that contribute to overall health and wellbeing- including caravan and camping trips.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s Real Richness Report examined the benefits of caravan and camping trips, with the results revealing those who regularly went on caravan and camping trips are happier, more satisfied, optimistic and energised than non-campers

Of the women surveyed, 55% strongly agreed that caravan and camping trips can make you healthier.

The research revealed both physical and mental benefits, with 74% strongly agreeing that camping helps them ‘recharge their batteries’, 63% strongly agreeing it relieves stress, and 51% strongly agreeing it can make you fitter.

Caravan and camping trips are not only great for women in general, but is also a great option for a flexible holiday accessible to all families. 61% of respondents said they strongly agreed caravan and camping trips bring families closer together, and 43% strongly agreed it was a cheap holiday option for times when there are increased financial pressures.

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