Caravan Holidays Parks Rank Top in Travellers’ Choice Awards


Trip Advisor is the world’s largest travel site reaching 390 million unique visitors on average per month. So it’s a big deal to be named in their Traveller’s Choice Awards. We couldn’t be happier to see a caravan holiday park take out the number 1 spot in the Top 25 Hotels for Families in Australia. And the number 2 spot. And another couple of places as well!

A HUGE congratulations to NRMA Treasure Island Resort and Holiday Park for being the number one Traveller’s Choice for Families in Australia! Even bigger news is that they also ranked in the Top 25 Hotels for Families in the WORLD! They were the only Australian site to make this list of worldwide properties, which is testament to just how big an acknowledgement of good business practice this ranking is.

Another big congratulation to Cairns Coconut Holiday Resort, who made number 2 on the list of Top 25 Hotels for Families in Australia! It’s fantastic to see caravan holiday parks take out the top two spots on the list. They also made the top 10 in the overall Top 25 Hotels in Australia against extremely strong competition in a much broader market.

Also in the top 10 of the overall Top 25 Hotels in Australia was BIG4 Beacon Resort. Congratulations!

A further congratulations to NRMA Ocean Beach Resort and Holiday Park and Gold Coast Holiday Park and Motel, who both made the Top 25 Hotels for Families in Australia, taking out number 7 and number 16 respectively.

These awards are chosen by millions of travellers worldwide and these results show the continuing popularity of caravan holiday parks and the caravanning and camping lifestyle in general. More specifically, the above industry businesses should be proud in the knowledge that they are offering world-class facilities and customer service to earn such high regard among travellers.