Caravan Industry Association of Australia and The Accessible GroupCollaborate To Increase Accessibility Within The Caravan Holiday Park Sector

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CEO Stuart Lamont
Caravan Industry Association of Australia is pleased to announce a partnership with leading accessible advocate – Accessible Accommodation (The Accessible Group). 

Recent data from Tourism Research Australia states that 20% of visitors in a caravan park or commercial camping ground reported a disability or long-term health condition of some kind.  This equates to approximately 3.8 million trips annually.   

Of those that indicated their specific disability or long-term health conditions, 23% indicated mental health, 22% indicated vision and hearing impairment, and 19% indicated mobility limitations. 

Caravan holiday park operators have a great opportunity to tap into this increasing demand through the provision of accessible accommodation, facilities, and activity areas. 
“Accessibility is often confused with how mobile someone may be.  Accessibility means so much more, it is the practice of making information activities and surroundings make sense and meaningful for as many people as possible. We are excited to work with industry to make it easier for all Australians to enjoy the benefits of a caravanning and camping experience.” – Stuart Lamont
About Accessible Accommodation 
Accessible Accommodation provides professional consulting on how to make caravan holiday park accessible AND stylish, whether you are building a new property or renovating an existing one.  

Reports are tailored to your business needs and premises, providing a detailed breakdown of the recommended improvements and changes you need to make to become ATDW Accessible Accredited. A three-tiered ‘Accessible Qualified’ rating system, helps you dissect what’s really needed to embrace travellers with disabilities, and what is a waste of money. 

Disability building codes are for permanent accessible accommodation, not the tourism industry. Accessible Accommodation helps make your property accessible to tourists without breaking the bank. 

Founder of The Accessible Group, Kerry Williams commented; “I am excited to partner with the Caravan Industry Association of Australia to benefit both people with disabilities (19% of our population) and retirees (25%). 

Accessible Tourism is a booming sector, and caravan holiday parks are well-suited to meet the rising demand for accessible accommodation.  Our Accessible Qualified program sets the standard for Accessible Tourism, offering peace of mind to both guests and providers.  Through our consulting service and inclusion training programs, we aim to equip caravan holiday parks with the tools to offer a welcoming accessible guest experience, with exclusive discounts for accredited businesses.  It’s a win-win partnership for both caravan holiday parks and guests with disabilities.” 

CEO of Caravan Industry Association of Australia, Stuart Lamont said, “the announcement of our collaboration with The Accessible Group means a tremendous amount for the industry.  We recently saw a number of parks across the country receive grants from Minister Farrell and the Federal Government for accessible park infrastructure.  This collaboration is the next progression in embracing accessible tourism within the industry.” 

The Accessible Group will provide Accredited Caravan Holiday Park with special discounted offers for the following services:   Online Tourism Inclusion Training Program – Click Here for more information and costs.  Onsite Consulting Service – Click Here for more information and costs.  ​To find out more about The Accessible Group, head over to their website here.
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