Caravan Park Bushfire Recovery Defib Subsidy


The 2019/20 summer bushfires had a devastating outcome for many regional communities, local economies and environments around the country.  For many caravan park operators in these regions, both the impact to their local communities and the loss of their summer visitor season, was a significantly challenging time. With the outbreak of COVID-19 adding additional pressure, many caravan park operators in these bushfires impacted regions have lost their entire year of income which continues to impact operations and staffing.

In February, following the request from Caravan Industry Association of Australia, the Federal Government of Australia announced that a portion of the existing $1million caravan park defibrillator funding program would be allocated to support those caravan parks located in bushfire impacted regions. Whilst the subsidy is a small gesture, it will help go a long way to support those operators to access important life saving devices and support the health of our travelling community.

The funding of $200,000 from the government will subsidise up to 100% to $2000 per unit (excluding GST) purchased by an operator.  The program is capped at 100 caravan parks on a first register first served basis.  

Eligibility Criteria

Any commercial caravan park or accommodation provider that has caravan and camping style accommodation is eligible to apply for the subsidy.  However, operators applying for the subsidy must adhere to several requirements as stipulated by the government:

  • Caravan Parks may access the Bushfire subsidy for the purchase of up to one defibrillator unit.
  • Caravan Parks with 40 or more sites, who have already purchased one defib under the existing scheme, are eligible to apply for one additional unit.
  • Operators claiming the subsidy for an defibrillator must agree to the following terms on application:
    • If requested, be able to demonstrate that their responsible staff have been or will be trained to use an defibrillator;
    • Accept all responsibility for all liabilities in relation to the defibrillator, including their placement, security, upkeep and maintenance;
    • Agree to fully indemnify the Commonwealth Government and Caravan Industry Association of Australia in relation to the subsidised defibrillators;
    • Agree to the safe disposal of an expired defibrillator.
  • A purchase receipt for the invoice must be provided.
  • The defibrillator purchased must be on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods List – your supplier can provide guidance regarding this. Caravan Industry Association of Australia is not able to provide guidance regarding suitable AED devices to purchase.

Caravan Parks eligible for the Bushfire Grant must be located in one of Local Government Areas below as deemed by the Federal Government as adversely effected.

 ACT Armidale Gladstone Break O’Day Adelaide Hills Alpine
  Bega Valley Livingstone Central Highlands City of Playford East Gippsland
  Blue Mountains Noosa Southern Midlands Kangaroo Island Towong
  Central Coast Somerset   Kingston Wodonga
  Cessnock  Southern Downs   Lower Eyre Peninsula  
  Clarence Valley Toowoomba   Mount Barker  
  Coffs Harbour     Yorke Peninsula  
  Glen Innes-Severn        
  Goulburn Mulwaree        
  Greater Hume        
  Mid Coast        
  Port Macquarie-Hastings        
  Richmond Valley        
  Snowy Monaro        
  Snowy Valleys        
  Upper Lachlan        


Application Process

Given the expected high demand for the program and cap on subsidy, the program is expected to be over-subscribed. To prevent caravan parks from purchasing a defibrillator and not able to access funding, an intent to claim process

Step 1: Complete the intention to claim form below.
Step 2: Formal confirmation of your intention to claim the subsidy will be reviewed to ensure eligibility criteria is met.
Step 3: On receiving written confirmation to proceed from Caravan Industry Association of Australia, a defib unit can be purchased.
Step 4: The defib unit must be purchased and the subsidy application submitted, within 10 days of obtaining receipt of confirmation to proceed.

Note: If the defib subsidy application is not applied for within 10 days of confirmation to proceed, you will not be eligible for the Bushfire Grant Subsidy and subsidy will be provided to any waitlisted applicants. However, you will still be eligible for the general Caravan Park Defibrillator Subsidy Program.

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Submission and Next Steps

    On submission of this intent to claim form, you agree that you have the relevant authority on behalf of the business/organisation submitting this form and that you have the relevant authority to consent to the terms and conditions of the subsidy program. Once submitted, Caravan Industry Association of Australia will follow up with you to inform you of the outcome of the intention to claim.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.