Caravan Park Defib Subsidy Intention to Claim

Given the high demand, the program is nearing funding exhaustion. To prevent caravan parks from purchasing a defibrillator and not being able to access funding, an intent to claim form must be submitted prior to purchasing a defib.

Step 1: Complete the intention to claim form below.
Step 2: Formal confirmation of your intention to claim the subsidy will be reviewed to ensure eligibility criteria is met.
Step 3: On receiving written confirmation to proceed from Caravan Industry Association of Australia, funding will be held for you to purchase a defib unit.
Step 4: The defib unit must be purchased and the subsidy application submitted, within 14 days of obtaining receipt of confirmation to proceed.

Note: If the defib subsidy application is not applied for within 14 days of confirmation to proceed, you will not be eligible for the funding and the subsidy will be provided to any waitlisted applicants.

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Submission and Next Steps

    On submission of this intent to claim form, you agree that you have the relevant authority on behalf of the business/organisation submitting this form and that you have the relevant authority to consent to the terms and conditions of the subsidy program. Once submitted, Caravan Industry Association of Australia will follow up with you to inform you of the outcome of the intention to claim.
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