Caravan Parks stand ready to assist with quarantining arrivals

Caravan Industry Association of Australia says caravan parks stand ready to assist with the quarantining of arrivals from Australia’s international airports as mandated by Prime Minister Scott Morrison this afternoon.

Designated facilities will be determined by the relevant state or territory government and will ordinarily be in the city of entry where the traveller has cleared immigration, but facilities in other areas may be used if required at the discretion of each state government.   

“We have caravan park accommodation in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne which are all close by to international airports and would be ideally suited to be part of the solution around self-isolation for returning Australians from overseas announced this morning,” said Mr Lamont.

“We are asking for cabin accommodation within caravan parks to be treated the same as hotels and motels with regard to workers and those required to self-isolate.”

“We can be part of the solution in the government’s initiative to stop the spread of COVID-19 and are frustrated that up to 38,000 cabins may sit idly empty around the country unnecessarily. We implore state governments to pick up the phone and activate our industry to support you in this time of need.”