Caravanning NT Unveils Exciting Rebrand for 2024

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Caravanning NT Logo

The Northern Territory Caravan Parks Association has unveiled its new identity as Caravanning NT, marking a significant step forward in its mission to better serve its vibrant community and embody the spirit of exploration and freedom associated with caravanning.

This rebranding goes beyond a simple name change; it signifies a deep commitment to embracing the diverse and adventurous spirit of its members and the broader caravanning community in the Northern Territory.

With the introduction of Caravanning NT, a fresh new look has also been launched.

The association has updated its logo to reflect the essence of Caravanning NT, where tradition merges with innovation and community connects with the open road. This redesigned logo aims to symbolise a modern caravanning industry and herald a new era of tourism in the NT.

Understanding the importance of the logo as a symbol of affiliation and pride among its members, Caravanning NT encourages everyone to update their materials with the new logo.

This move is intended to ensure consistency and strengthen the collective identity of the community.

Members seeking to access the new logo are invited to reach out via email to, where they will be provided with the necessary files.

The transition to Caravanning NT is being managed with a strong commitment to ensuring a smooth experience for all members and stakeholders. The association’s website and social media channels are being updated to reflect the new branding.

Caravanning NT remains dedicated to continuing the provision of quality service and support that its members and stakeholders have come to expect.

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