Meet Your Committee: Caravanning Tasmania

Dennis Austin – President Dennis Austin, the newly appointed president of Caravanning Tasmania, brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for both the Tasmanian landscape and the caravanning industry. Known for his significant community service and leadership at Coastal Caravans, Austin is dedicated to advancing Tasmania as a premier destination for caravanning enthusiasts. […]

Road 2 A Million Boosting Tourism in NT

The Road 2 A Million competition has emerged as a landmark initiative to invigorate tourism within the Northern Territory, leveraging the allure of a life-changing cash prize to draw visitors into one of Australia’s most iconic and culturally rich regions. An Overview of Participation Spanning from October 1 to February 29, the competition called upon […]

Caravanning NT Unveils Exciting Rebrand for 2024

The Northern Territory Caravan Parks Association has unveiled its new identity as Caravanning NT, marking a significant step forward in its mission to better serve its vibrant community and embody the spirit of exploration and freedom associated with caravanning. This rebranding goes beyond a simple name change; it signifies a deep commitment to embracing the […]

Channel 7’s Sunrise Invites Millions of Australians to Join the Ultimate Camping Adventure

Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s annual ‘Road to a Million Campaign’ is officially in full swing, starting tomorrow in partnership with Channel 7’s Sunrise, popular host Katie Brown sets off on a road trip exploring some of the nation’s most exceptional holiday parks.