CEO’s Message:  Large marketing push to drive more Australians to buy caravanning and camping product 

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A message for the Trade Sector from our CEO Stuart Lamont

Yet again, the resilience and determination of the caravan and camping industry and the people that work tirelessly within it continues to astound me.  There is no doubt that the last year has been one of the most difficult on record, and sadly despite best efforts, a small number of businesses like so many in the broader economy will not survive.  That being said, I have also spoken to many who have been able to pivot, restructure, and prepare for the future, with the level of optimism for what lies ahead encouraging amongst the industry. 

And there is much to be hopeful for.  Yes, we cannot regain or restore lost turnover caused through COVID.  However with international travel some time away, and other competitive industry’s suffering a crisis of confidence, some of you will already be getting a taste for the resurgence we see ahead.   

Caravan and camping has always been quintessential within Australian culture, and with a shift to a domestic travel focus, our industry is one which should be well set up to take advantage of this. 

The more Australians fall in love with the lifestyle of caravan and camping travel, the more likely they are to upgrade their vehicle or even purchase for the first time after trying a hired vehicle. 

In the coming days and weeks, we will be making some exciting announcements regarding how Caravan Industry Association of Australia has prepared to heavily market the industry in the first quarter alone, including a ground-breaking partnership with Tourism Australia under an industry collective model.  This marketing campaign across print and digital will inspire Australians to undertake a road trip, and buy or rent RV product under the theme of “Travel Your Road”.  

We are also doing a large scale promotion in September with NewsCorp as well as activating influencers to showcase the wonders of the caravan and camping industry.  In total these media activities are valued in excess of $5 million. 

In addition, we will be launching a fantastic grassroots promotion specifically designed to encourage people to visit retail dealerships, service and repair businesses and accessory retailers and be rewarded for the chance to win an amazing prize.  More details shortly on this. 

Our media team has been busy in the past couple of months, and media reports in print, online, over radio and on TV have never carried so much positive content on our industry.  We will look to continue this momentum to stimulate activity and encourage people to buy caravanning and camping product across the country as Australians look to domestic holidays for their next getaway.  

COVID, while devastating does present enormous opportunities for the industry as Australians wake up to the holidaying options within our sector, and as your National body we will be heavily promoting the industry (more so than normal) to capture the attention of Australian planning their next getaway or RV purchase.