Cessation of T-QUAL Accreditation Program

< Date: 02 July 2014

Caravan, RV & Accommodation Industry of Australia Ltd (CRVA) was informed on 30 June 2014, at 4pm by Austrade (the Federal Government agency looking after T-QUAL), that the T-QUAL accreditation program ceased operation as of that day.


The new Federal Government has had a desire to transition the administration of T-QUAL to industry.  This was a pre-election commitment which was further provided for in the most recent Federal Budget with a transitionary allocation of $600,000 for a successful tenderer to take over the administration of T-QUAL accreditation.


The Government tender process found no industry-based organisation demonstrated an ongoing and long-term business model for T-QUAL accreditation at the time when government funding for the program expired on 30 June 2014.


Accordingly T-QUAL master licences (including that held by CRVA) signed with Austrade have now terminated as have all T-QUAL sub-licences signed with T-QUAL master licences. If you are the holder of a T-QUAL sub-licence, that sub-licence has now automatically terminated.


This decision does not impact on a business’ accreditation status under the CRVA accreditation program.


The CRVA National Accreditation Program received/s no funding through the Federal Government and will continue to operate as usual, as a useful business improvement tool, and providing a greater level of certainty to consumers regarding quality standards.  Indeed, under the new national industry entity – Caravan Industry Association of Australia the industry accreditation program will be further enhanced over the coming twelve months to provide even greater benefit to industry businesses participating in the program, and greater visibility to consumers.


Compliance and Accreditation is one of the five main pillars of the new Caravan Industry Association of Australia, and we are dedicated to the long term commitment of providing a robust, industry specific accreditation program that will be recognised nationally and deliver greater benefits and exposure than ever before. On 12 July when Caravan Industry Association of Australia begins trading all rights provided for under the CRVA Accreditation program will be automatically transferred to the Caravan Industry Association of Australia Accreditation program.


CRVA is critical of the lack of notice given by Austrade surrounding this decision, and will be working closely through its membership of National Tourism Alliance to work on how Federal Government funding of accreditation programs could be developed into the future.


Austrade has developed a fact sheet to assist industry understand the implications of winding up the T-QUAL program.  To access a copy of the fact sheet please click here.


If you have any questions regarding this notice please do not hesitate to contact either Mark Shipton (CRVA Accreditation & Training), Michelle Weston (General Manager – Finance & Administration) or Stuart Lamont (CEO) on 07 3262 6566.