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Caravan Industry Association of Australia joins national movement to address rural road safety.

Almost two-thirds of road fatalities in Australia occur on rural roads. This figure is especially alarming when you consider that only 28% of the population resides in rural areas.

September is ‘Rural Road Safety Month’. This road safety awareness campaign by Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) encourages all road users to get involved to help make a significant reduction in road trauma.

September is also a peak family camping holiday period as kids enjoy their Spring midterm break and we know for similar holiday periods that 71% of campers will travel over 250 kms from their home and stay away an average of 4.8 nights.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia is committed to improving road safety outcomes for all road users, and when over 89% of camping trips are enjoyed in regional areas and 840,000 registered RVs in Australia, it is only appropriate to partner with ARSF to promote this potentially life-saving messaging.

ARSF Founder and CEO Russell White said the most concerning piece of research was the number of respondents who admitted to unpreparedness and bad behaviour when driving in rural areas, a combination he believes is lethal.

During Rural Road Safety Month, the caravan industry will deliver safety messages daily to its RV and camping audiences, messaging will include pre-planning, understanding your RV setup including towing and your caravan weights, fatigue management and reminding people to be patient.

Individuals, businesses, and community organisations are encouraged to share information, host local events, and make a promise to be the change they want to see on rural roads and to #chooseroadsafety not just across the month, but 365 days of the year.

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