CIA Victoria Emerging Leaders program

Emerging Leaders Program for the Caravan and Camping Industry
CIA Victoria Emerging Leaders program

Having recently completed CIA Victoria Emerging Leaders program, Research and Development Manager Jared Pearson from Elite Caravans explains the highlights from the course “I found this course to be very helpful, giving me the insight I need to set goals and work towards completing them. It gave me some useful tips to focus on what I needed to achieve in the workplace and in my home life and everyone around me has noticed the difference”.

The Emerging Leaders journey started by spending the two days speaking with some amazing people.  Robert Kirby AO – Managing Director of Village road show, Wayne Newman- Detective Inspector for Victorian Police and Wayne Owens – CEO, Les Twentyman foundation each gave their perspectives on leadership, all presenting a very different set of experiences and backgrounds.  In the evening, we had a lovely dinner and a few beers, with Jo and Peter from Advantage Caravan Repairs who spoke with us about their business and how they have overcome different challenges over the course of their careers.

These two days provided a strong foundation of leadership beyond the caravan and camping industry, leading into an eight week “Performance Edge” program run by Leadership Management Australia. This focused on practical learning outcomes on ways to maximise productivity and change in the work place and allowed for participants to apply some of these lessons throughout the course. Jared said that the program “has taught me many things I had no idea about which I now practice daily.  I would highly recommend the course. I loved coming into class and really enjoyed the company of everyone who attended”.

For more information on the Emerging Leaders program, please contact Daniel Sahlberg at Caravan Industry Association Victoria on 03 9372 5388.