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Payload Estimator¹ and Coupling Load Estimator²

for Towable Recreational Vehicles

GTM Calculator³

¹ Payload Estimator:
The Payload Estimator is a quick and easy tool used to approximate the minimum load carrying capacity required for a towable Recreational Vehicle. This tool steps you through common payload items, with predetermined average weights, without having to remember them all. Simply fill in the weights of load carrying equipment or travelling gear the Recreational Vehicle is likely to be carrying and you will get a total figure for the approximate payload you should allow.

² Load Coupling Estimator:
The Coupling Load Estimator estimates the weight variations that might occur in the coupling due to fitment of additional components. Using some key measurements and weights, the user can accurately predict what the new coupling weight may be once the components are fitted. This will ensure that the safety and compliance of the towable recreational vehicle is not compromised by the alterations. It will also allow industry businesses to provide accurate and evidence-based guidance to customers engaged in the selection and fitment of optional equipment.

³ GTM Calculator:
The GTM Calculator is a quick and easy tool to calculate a towable recreational vehicle’s GTM Rating. By using the dimensions of the towable recreational vehicle, the load capacity and the Unladen Trailer Mass, the GTM Rating Calculator accurately calculates the GTM rating – remembering that the ADRs define GTM as the load on the Axle/Axles when the maximum load (which is load capacity) is spread evenly over the load bearing area. The calculation developed for this tool has been approved as an acceptable method of calculating the GTM Rating of a towable recreational vehicle by the Vehicle Safety Standards (VSS) Branch of the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities.