Conference Convoy 2018


Conference Convoy 2018

The caravan and camping industry is a curious trade; like many other sectors of the tourism industry it is experiencing unprecedented popularity while trying to keep up with disrupters and digressions in technology… however there is more to this industry than meets the eye.


The caravan and camping industry is going through a period of growth and evolution. The industry has built a solid foundation in years gone by, but is also challenged by modern advances in technology, markets and consumer expectations. The Convoy to Conference is an industry endorsed event from Sydney to the Gold Coast, stopping at five East Coast parks along the way.  Whether you join for the full week, or just a couple of days you will come away feeling entertained, informed and inspired, and ready to dive into the 2018 National Conference.


How many times have you been at an event or meeting, and thought

“I’d love to get to know this person better.”
“I wish we had more time to discuss some of these concepts”
“I feel like we were almost onto something great, but had to cut the meeting short due to time/other commitments”

As you travel along on Convoy you will have an opportunity to connect; to share knowledge and ideas, develop concepts and make these connections on a deeper level than everyday work environments allow for.


We all know that we work hard. For people in the caravan and camping industry, holidays are driven around when everybody else *isn’t* on holidays, when there is the lowest demand, and even then projects and the day to day can get in the way. While going to conferences is a great way to get a break from the daily grind and refresh, it can also be a full on few days with a lot of knowledge to take away. Convoy gives you a chance to stop, to reflect on the moments that are important.


Some of the most amazing experiences start off small, or as an idea that meet some of the goals above – to connect, escape and discover.

The fun, comradery and connection with one another, as well as experiencing some of the coast’s most beautiful natural assets, is something that will translate through posts and photos, boomerangs and blogs, videos and hashtags to a much wider audience.


We get to share what we love about the industry, while also discovering who we are, our role in the industry and how we can help the industry achieve its full potential. The best way to understand our target market is to travel in their shoes. By hitching up the van, staying in a cabin and experiencing the industry product, you will be better placed to maximise opportunities.

More Information

Convoy to Conference Registration Flow

This is a secondary event where the registration form will only be access on the convoy to conference page.

Bookings would be non-refundable, and a detailed booking confirmation would be forwarded to participants at a later date as part of their welcome pack which will be provided in the form of a marketing communication closer to the date.

The costs below are based on 2 persons per vehicle staying on powered sites, with additional person rates and ‘support crew’ (cabin stay) rates also listed.

Team Convoyer: $675 per person
Included in the convoy costs will are the following:

  • Six (6) nights accommodation on a powered site for two people
  • Registration kit consisting of t-shirt, sticker, diary
  • Four (4) Boxed Breakfasts including fruit, juice, cereal or muesli bar and a muffin (or similar)
  • One (1) Café style Breakfast at BIG4 Gold Coast Holiday Park
  • Five (5) Lunches at various locations
  • Four (4) BBQ Buffet Dinners
  • One (1) Themed BBQ buffet dinner
  • One (1) Corporate Buffet dinner at Movie World
  • Soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Activities including: – Stockton Sand Dune 4wd Bike, Sand boarding and Cultural Tour
  • Bago Maze and Wine Tasting
  • Dolphin Encounter
  • Big Banana Slide and Photostop
  • Day pass to Movie World

Additional Convoyer: $600 per person

Support Crew Convoyer (cabin): $850 per person
Participants would be responsible for the following costs:

  • Petrol and associated vehicle costs
  • Two (2) Breakfasts
  • One (1) Lunch
  • Optional Dinners (pre and post event)
  • All alcoholic beverages
  • Incidental spending