Consumer Promotion of Accreditation Programs is ‘Key’

< Date: 18 May 2015

Consumer Awareness of Accreditation grows as Caravan Industry Association of Australia displays a ‘key’ presence at Caravan Shows

RVMAPKEY Silver border thin linecaravanholidayparks

As the peak national body representing the Caravanning and Camping Industry in Australia, Caravan Industry Association of Australia is responsible for accreditation programs which currently include Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing (RVMAP) and Caravan/ Holiday Parks Accreditation.

Consumer awareness of the accreditation key logo and ideals is paramount to the programs’ validity across the entire industry. With this in mind, our presence at every major state Industry trade show so far this year has been vital in educating the consumers about the importance of accreditation and “looking for the key” when looking to purchase a recreational vehicle or stay in a caravan/ holiday park.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia has also recently undergone a number of significant marketing campaigns to promote the ‘Accreditation Key’ logo throughout the caravan industry and importantly to the caravanning consumer.

This type of saturation marketing is designed to enlighten the caravanning consumer of the benefits of staying at an accredited park or purchasing a recreational vehicle from an accredited manufacturer. This message will be backed up in 2016 with a national competition where consumers who stay in an accredited park or purchase an accredited product will have a chance to win $250,000.

The Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing Accreditation Program (RVMAP) provides consumers with a greater level of certainty in dealing with industry businesses participating in the accreditation program. RVMAP is more than just an inspection to check for adherence to applicable regulations. It is an integrated accreditation program to assist manufacturers to produce up-to-date compliant products on a consistent basis that meet the highest industry standard.

In 2015, Caravan Industry Association of Australia is aiming to complete two RVMAP audits per product type twice a year for every one of our close to 80 currently accredited Recreational Vehicle manufacturers.