De-bunking Destination EV Charging in Caravan Park

While the idea of an Electric Vehicle (EV) towing a 23-foot caravan may still be on the horizon, the momentum towards embracing EVs in Australia is undeniable.  More than ever, Australians are adopting EVs as their second vehicle and are increasingly eager to embark on holiday travels, staying in caravan and holiday park cabins and villas.

Warburton Holiday Park owners David Pratt and Simon Edwards have seized the opportunity presented by this evolving tourism market, installing eleven EV chargers in their holiday park since their first two 3-phase 32A chargers were installed back in 2016.  While they acknowledged that the uptake during the early stages was slow, with the surge in EVs on the roads seeking holiday destinations, demand has risen significantly. They’ve even experienced queues with EVs waiting to charge at the two charging stations.

David and Simon collaborated with the team at K-Mac Powerheads to address maximum demand capabilities and excess power consumption and introduced a solution tailored to the Warburton Holiday Park. K-Mac’s Load limited EV chargers are now strategically installed on nine of their superior two- and three-bedroom villas.

This innovation allows guests to charge their EVs overnight conveniently or whenever they are parked beside their villa. With nine of these units in place, they’ve already proven immensely popular among EV-travelling guests.

In debunking the myths of EV charging, K-Mac’s research has identified that average costs for overnight 10-hour charging:  10 amp, 1-phase over 10 hours will give your customer approx. 160km of charge for $6.86 (28.54c/kWh)

In summary, establishing EV charging infrastructure in caravan & holiday parks can no longer be considered a luxury feature; it is fast becoming a requirement, and likewise, it is critical that the sector address and understand the costs and benefits associated with EV charging in their cabins, villas, and powered sites.