Defibrillator subsidy program officially underway

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Caravan Industry Association of Australia is pleased to report that the defibrillator subsidy program is well and truly underway.

In 2019 the Federal Government, in partnership with Caravan Industry Association of Australia, launched a Caravan Park Defibrillator Subsidy Program to encourage operators to install these devices to help save the lives of those people experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest.  The funding of $1 million from the government will match dollar to dollar up to $1000 per unit (excluding GST) purchased by an operator.

In regional Australia, the caravan park is often centre to the community and one of the few businesses that is accessible 24h a day 7 days a week in the event of required access to a defibrillator. Research shows that if a person is defibrillated within the first minute of collapse, the victim’s chances for survival are close to 90 percent.  As such, caravan parks equipped with defibrillators can play an important role in supporting a local community’s health service.

The defibrillator subsidy program is now in action. Recently staff at Cape Palmerston Holiday Park, along with some of the winter visitors and members of a local mechanical business completed training with Simon Davies, Officer in Charge of the Carmila QAS on their defibrillator and did CPR practice.

The park’s Defibrillator Steering Committee consisting of Tom, Ray, Jan and Brian were behind the push to have a defibrillator in the Park due to the general older age group of the park’s winter visitors.

It is fantastic to see caravan holiday parks prepared to help save the lives of those people experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest.

For more information including how to apply for the subsidy visit