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Tasmania Travel Guide

Caravanning Tasmania is proud to present the “Welcome to Tasmania” road trip guide. This guide is an essential tool crafted to support and enhance your business by showcasing the diverse and scenic touring routes Tasmania offers.

Why Download the Guide?

  • Showcase the Best of Tasmania: The guide details the island’s unique attractions, ensuring visitors at your park can fully explore what Tasmania has to offer.
  • Comprehensive Listings: It includes information on various caravan parks, helping you position your park as a prime choice for travelers.
  • Free Marketing Tool: Displaying the guide at your park or recommending it to guests serves as a free marketing effort, enhancing your park’s visibility and appeal.

Distribution and Accessibility

We have printed 50,000 copies of this guide, distributing them across key locations including the Spirit of Tasmania, Hobart and Launceston airports, and parks all around the state. This wide distribution ensures that the guide reaches a broad audience, benefiting your park through increased exposure.

Join Our Initiative

By downloading and utilising the “Welcome to Tasmania” guide, you are not just improving your service offering but also aligning with a network of industry members dedicated to elevating Tasmania’s tourism industry. This collective effort not only enhances the visitor experience but also strengthens the position of your park within this competitive landscape.

We invite you to join us in this initiative, harnessing the potential of the “Welcome to Tasmania” guide to enrich the touring holiday experience for visitors and, concurrently, the success of your caravan park.

If you are interested in displaying the guide, send an email to