Eric Hayman Award for Excellence Announced



Mark Lindsay, Chairman, Caravan Industry Association of Australia

PC-PHOTO__3562The Eric Hayman Award for Excellence is the caravan and camping industry’s most prestigious accolade, with the award for 2016 marking its 27th year.  At the 2017 National Conference, we congratulated Mark Lindsay, Chairman of Caravan Industry Association of Australia, as the recipient and acknowledge the significant positive impact he has had in the industry at a national level.

Ron Chapman, CEO of Caravanning Queensland, introduced Mark saying, “As the Chairman presiding over a change in CEO, overseeing the merger of two national bodies, and directing a strategic change of thinking for Caravan Industry Association of Australia – it would be hard to argue that any one individual has made more impact on the caravan and camping industry in recent years”.

Mark currently juggles the running of five caravan parks and two accommodation properties alongside community service and an active role in chairing Caravan Industry Association of Australia since 2010.  He may be a “parkie” at heart, but what sets Mark apart is his strong desire to drive all sectors forward united – parks and trade alike.  He has spent a considerable amount of time gaining an understanding of the issues facing all industry sectors so he can lead decision-making debates on behalf of all industry participants and not just the one he is historically familiar with. Mark has been known to say many times that, “All industry sectors need each other”.

Mark invests a significant amount of time into the industry at the expense of his own financial endeavours – whether that be meeting with state associations, attending industry events, representing industry in Canberra to Government, participating in industry forums, or providing guidance for association staff.  In his time as Chairman of the national body, we have never seen more money invested into promoting or undertaking activities on behalf of the industry.  This includes full-time lobbying efforts on behalf of industry, a focus on driving consumer messages and media value for industry, the establishment of a dedicated research agenda for industry, and the development of accreditation programs designed to lift industry standards.

Ron went on to say, “Mark is truly an inspiring individual with both a huge heart and the capacity to stay focused on the future, driving initiatives to better the industry as a whole.  A man of great vision, Mark is well worthy of the highest honour within our industry”.

In his acceptance speech, Mark said, “One thing we lacked as an industry when I first came to it was unity, and over the years we’ve achieved great unity”.  In thanks, he acknowledged Barry Barker, Steve Bartlett, the Association, everyone who’s served on industry boards, and most importantly his wife with great emotion.