Everything you need to know about the ERC partnership

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Consumer demand for environmentally friendly products is continuing to increase, Governments from both sides of the aisle have committed to net-zero emissions targets, and investors are seeking brands with an eco-conscious reputation. For the caravan industry that means in order to remain equitable and compliant, we must work toward a net-zero target.

This is why we have decided to partner with Emissions Reduction Collective (ERC) Protocol. hey are a company that has an extensive history in supporting businesses in reaching their net-zero targets, including successful efforts in the Australian tourism industry.

The program they offer includes practical resources, expert support and a customised climate action program designed to get fast and sustainable results such as:

  • Attract great workers: employees want to work for sustainably focused businesses, particularly younger generations
  • Win business: Larger customers and tenders are increasingly focused on sustainably focused suppliers
  • Maximise customers: Customers, especially in tourism-focused businesses, are seeking more sustainable experiences
  • Receive grants and funds: There are increasing accountability standards needed to receive grants and funds
  • Comply with legislation: New mandatory climate reporting laws will impact some of our members directly and indirectly
  • Save on costs: Many actions to improve the climate will also reduce your operating costs
  • Stay in business: our members are reliant on a favourable climate for their business models.  

Moving toward net-zero emissions offers both parks and manufacturers offers challenges, but also a lot of opportunities. The truth is…. a change is coming.

But by supporting net-zero targets, we can help the wider world manage risks associated with climate change, drive innovation and operational efficiencies, and enhance our industry’s business brand reputation.

Overall, this shift is not just about reducing environmental impact but also about gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

The ERC Protocol have committed to providing the caravan industry with a product that is:

  • Inclusive: designed for all businesses to use and benefit from. “Every” business qualifies – no exceptions.
  • Fit-For-Purpose: contains the right features for sole operators through to very large enterprises.
  • Aligned: contains the key principles of climate action that stakeholders are looking for
  • Convenience: User-friendly to create, communicate and share information
  • Education: provides frequent webinars and personalised support
  • Expertise: is run by business, supply chain and sustainability experts
  • Transparency: reports are clear and not misleading
  • Compliance: has advanced options for businesses with compliance-level needs

In an era where environmental sustainability and energy efficiency are not just global priorities but also economic imperatives, creating a sustainable environment has never been more important.

The ERC Protocol Offers two key programs:  

Program 1: Business Climate Action Program (BCAP):

Designed for:

  • Sole operators, micro, small and medium businesses
  • Businesses with less than 25 FTEs or $5m revenue
  • Ideal for smaller caravan parks, caravan service businesses, etc.

Highlights – Key Benefits

  • Quick to start and maintain
  • Easy to follow – it contains a five-stage path to develop and communicate an Emissions Reduction Plan for your business.
  • It is simple. You don’t need any carbon knowledge.
  • It’s online and self-guided with videos along the way and easy to use.
  • Access to monthly webinars and one-on-one support with a dedicated Sustainability Manager.

What you receive

  • An Emission Reduction Plan and dashboard
  • Accreditation badge
  • QR code and link to easily share your plan


  • It is affordable:
    • BCAP: $158 / year
    • BCAP+: $758 / year (optional upgrade: professional carbon accounting and reporting)
  • Limited time offer – until 31 May 2024: Receive a $31 discount (10%) for a two-year membership.

Program 2: Business Climate Action Program Advanced (BCAP Advanced):

Designed for:

  • Larger businesses and those requiring deeper insights or regulatory compliance
  • Businesses with more than 25 FTEs or $5m revenue
  • Ideal for caravan manufacturers, larger caravan parks and larger operators

Highlights – Key Benefits

  • Everything from BCAP (five-stage path) includes comprehensive auditable reporting that meets key stakeholder needs.
  • Personalised service and advice from our carbon accounting and supply chain experts.
  • No additional resources are required, it can be overseen by current staff. No specialised skills are required.
  • Break your business information into divisional data for better reporting.
  • Option to have staff trained as “green leaders”.

What you receive:

  • Tailored emissions reduction strategy.
  • Comprehensive report containing your carbon footprint and reduction plan.
  • Dashboard and summary action plan.
  • Accreditation badges.
  • Communication package.


  • Quoted service:
    • We have two levels of service
    • We will match your needs to our service levels, ensuring you receive the right value outcome