Exciting iFish TV Co-operative coming soon!

< Date: 13 June 2013

CRVA and iFish have just signed a co-operative aimed at increasing new users and demand for industry product by talking to key demographic groups who are more likely to use industry product e.g. People who fish are twice as likely to go caravanning (Morgan Research).

Opportunities include key industry messaging supported by product placement and industry advocacy via the show and its supporting marketing assets plus the opportunity to build consumer databases for remarketing purposes through contributor participants.

iFish goes to air 52 weeks of the year with supporting on-line assets and a social media Facebook page with over 133,000 engaged fans. These assets provide opportunities to promote key industry participation messaging via a multi-faceted marketing approach that includes TV, on-line and social media.

CRVA as part of its marketing and PR activities is constantly seeking and building relationships with media that provide access to key demographics who are identified as more likely to go caravanning and camping.