Exemption of duty on caravans and camper trailers in Tasmania

< Date: 10 June 2013

The Duty on registering or transferring a caravan or camper trailer has been abolished.

From July 1, the sale of a caravan or camper trailer will be exempt from duty, the Minister for Finance, Scott Bacon announced on 23 May 2013.

Mr Bacon said the move would make it cheaper and easier for Tasmanians to buy camper trailers or caravans.

“For several years, Tasmania has been out of step with other states and territories that have gradua lly exempted caravans and camper trailers from duty.

“This issue has been raised with the State Government by caravan and camper dealers and members of the public over a long period of time.

“I’m pleased that we have now been able to remove this duty provision, which has put Tasmanian businesses that sell these vehicles at a dis advantage against their interstate rivals.

“This will help create jobs in Tasmania, as well as making it cheaper and easier for Tasmanians to buy a caravan or camper trailer.”

For more information about Motor Vehicle Duty please contact the State Revenue Office:

For information about Caravan and camper trailer registration   in Tasmania, visit the Dept. of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources website, www.dier.tas.gov.au.