Facebook Promotion Brings Outstanding Results

< Date: 15 December 2014

In December, Caravan Industry Association of Australia again ran the 12 Days of Christmas promotion.

The promotion, run over 12 days in December (1-12, 2014), with a prize valued between $400-500 each day run consecutively through two consumer Facebook pages – Experience Caravanning and Camping and Camping for Kids.

During the promotion both consumer Facebook gained huge interaction levels and increased our page likes significantly.

Experience Caravanning and Camping went from have 52,147 likes on November 30 to 53,512 likes on December 13.

Camping for Kids went from giving 8,872 likes on November 30 to 9,943 likes on December 13.

The total reach for the pages was enormous – with posts on Experience Caravanning and Camping reaching over 500,000 Facebook users, and Camping for Kids reaching over 200,000. This reach was organic – with no part of the promotion paid for through advertising or sponsored posts.