Family undertaking once-in-a-lifetime educational camping adventure around Tasmania

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We all know how important education is, but learning doesn’t have to be limited to the school classroom- some of the most important lessons take place outside of typical learning environments, and caravan and camping trips lend themselves perfectly lend themselves to this.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s 2017 Real Richness Report found significant educational advantages to caravan and camping trips:

  • 94% of campers believe camping enables children to engage socially
  • 97% believe it allows children to learn about the environment
  • 71% believe it improves children’s behaviour.
  • Importantly even 69% of non-campers surveyed believe it teaches children important life skills.

With this in mind, Discovery Parks, Apollo Motor Homes and Caravan Industry Association of Australia have come together to launch the 2019 Real Life Classroom initiative, wherein a family are undertaking a once-in-a-lifetime journey combining adventure and education around Tasmania.

Over the next two weeks, the Davenport family from the Blue Mountains, NSW, will be experiencing the wonders of Tasmania, and learning all about the history, environment and culture of the towns they visit.

The children will become junior explorers as they write, photograph and film their educational adventure while they travel!

Husband and wife team Erin and Jules Davenport, along with their sons Sebastian, Aiden and Saxon (aka @travellingfamilycircus online) are no strangers to the fantastic learning opportunities offered via caravan and camping trips. The family are travelling filmmakers and regularly share their experiences to their online audience through a combination of videos, written blogs, and social media.

Their trip around Australia will also be broadcast to a national television audience in April via Channel 10’s Studio 10 program.

We would like to thank our sponsors for making this all possible.