Federal Government remains committed to the roll-out of the RVSA

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Following the recent announcement of the federal budget, the Federal Government announced that $7.3 million will be committed over four years to the implementation of the Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018 (RVSA).  This comes at a critical time as other automotive industry associations have recently pushed to further delay the implementation of the Act.

“This significant financial commitment by the Federal Government further demonstrates the department are pushing forward with the current implementation timeline” said Stuart Lamont, CEO of Caravan Industry Association of Australia.

“Any further delays in the RVSA legislation would continue to provide a mechanism whereby unsafe or non-compliant product could be registered without fear of retribution, with Australian consumers and those genuine industry businesses committed to doing the right thing deserving better protection than what they are receiving from the current MVSA legislation” Mr Lamont continued.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia continues to be heavily involved in the RVSA implementation, working closely with the federal vehicle regulators on all aspects of roll-out with respect to the recreational vehicle industry.  To support industry through this significant change, we have launched a number of initiatives and additional services to assist industry businesses. 

Looking more broadly, Caravan Industry Association of Australia are encouraged by the budget announcement committing $2.0B over two years to deliver road safety initiatives including a $5.5 million National Road Safety Data Hub to create the next National Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030.

“With the expected boom in caravanning over the next three to five years, it is important that consumer road safety remains paramount for the reputation of the industry, and the wellbeing of the consumers that use industry product” said Mr Lamont. 

The recent establishment of the Caravan & Trailer Road Safety Alliance is therefore incredibly timely and will be focusing on addressing six initial key areas – Technology, Regulation Development, Insurance, Government Interaction and Grants, Research and Consumer Education, the Safety Alliance will proactively investigate key projects which enhance consumer safety.  More information on the Alliance can be found HERE.  

If you have questions about how the roll-out of the RVSA will impact your business, contact the RVMAP Technical and Compliance Team on rvmap@caravanindustry.com.au.