Five key reasons to attend the Future Leaders Forum

Avoid FOMO

Five key reasons to attend the Future Leaders Forum this year

This year’s Caravan Industry Association of Australia National Conference is set to be one of the most significant in years and is full of fantastic learning opportunities. Don’t worry though, it’s not all lectures and lessons- we’re not taking you back to uni! If you’re after exciting opportunities, new connections and a little something different, the Future Leaders forum is the place for you! If we haven’t convinced you yet, here are a few reasons to make sure you don’t miss out.

1. Living Forum

This year the forum will extend beyond that on the day, and you can have access to content and conversation right at your fingertips. We all know online content and discussions are key, which is why there will be an online platform for discussions happening through the forum to continue beyond the day’s sessions.

2. Spend time face to face with industry leaders

You probably didn’t think you’d be doing any speed dating at the National Conference, but we’ve taken the concept and put a twist on it. This session will offer dedicated one on one time with your choice of 10 different legends from within our industry.  This is your opportunity to pick their brains – be that a new idea you are considering or something within your business that is keeping you up at night. Just like speed dating, you’ve got limited time to make a strong first impression, so make sure to bring your A Game!

3. Find new inspiration

Regardless of your own experience or goals for the future, the forum is sure to offer fresh perspectives and thought-provoking ideas. Absorb the enthusiasm and breadth from an array of future leaders from both within the industry and beyond; people who are doing something extraordinary in their field.  The experience might also help you overcome some of the challenges you are facing in your business or gain insight into a new approach which you might not have previously considered. It’s an opportunity to become inspired, invigorated and look at your own business or workplace with a fresh approach.

4. Connect and Collaborate

With people attending from far and wide and all realms of the industry, this is THE event of the year to reconnect, meet new people and generally having a wonderful time catching up with anyone that is anyone in our industry.

5. Turn it into a trip

You may have already seen conversation happening about the convoy to conference; an exciting opportunity to turn the conference into a bigger trip and enjoy the journey up. Designed for industry employees between 30-40 years old, this convoy will leave Sydney on the 9th of May and head off for the Gold Coast, visiting some of the awesome sights and parks on the way up, generating content and sharing their experiences as they go to promote the lifestyle of caravanning and camping.  Want to know more? Email us at and we will hook you up with the event organisers or click here for Conference Convoy 2018 information.