Flame Failure Reminder

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Appliances (BBQ’s) Connected via Gas Bayonets

Industry businesses should be familiar with the standard covering gas installations in a Recreational Vehicle AS/NZS 5601.2.

A previous Technical Bulletin (published November 2019) outlined the details of the requirement for gas appliances (such as BBQs) connected via a bayonet fitting, in particular the requirement for such appliances to have a flame safeguard system. The communication can be found HERE

What is a flame safeguard system?

Flame safeguard systems, simply put, are a safety fallback device that protects an appliance user while the appliance is in operation (e.g. a BBQ while cooking is under way). It works by immediately cutting off the gas supply if the flame on a burner happens to blow out thus stopping a build-up of gas inside the appliance and its interior gas valves, preventing a gas explosion

While flame failure won’t fix the issue of a burner blowing out, it will keep the appliance user safe from a potentially very dangerous situation and allow use of the appliance (e.g. cooking) to resume quickly and safely without a gas build-up.

AS/NZS 5601.2 Clause 6.4 states that all appliances shall be fitted with flame safeguard systems to all burners.  The note to this clause clarifies that this requirement also applies to appliances connected to quick connect devices (such as gas bayonets). 

Gas Authorities have confirmed that when a BBQ is connected to a bayonet it is deemed part of the installation, so must have the same safety features as an installed appliance.

It has been identified that several popular BBQs used within the Caravan Industry do not have the required flame safeguard systems (in particular Weber Q and Ziggy brands).  Manufacturers and dealers are reminded that any appliance (such as BBQs) that is supplied with a Recreational Vehicle must have the required safety features.  This applies regardless of whether the BBQ is either installed or provided separately and needs to be considered in any package deals put together, e.g. as dealer or show specials.

In order to be compliant with the gas standard AS/NZS 5601.2, a manufacturer or dealer must ensure that any gas appliance you provide with your Recreational Vehicle has flame safeguard systems on all burners.

Note: Please be aware that outdoor domestic BBQs connected directly to a gas cylinder do not require a flame failure device.  However, it is important to be aware that these appliances are not approved for use with a gas bayonet fitting.