Future Leaders Chairman reflects on 2018

Michael McIvor, from Experience Broken Hill, is the Chairperson for the Future Leaders of the Australian Caravan Industry. With the year now wrapping up, Michael has provided a reflection on some of the projects and events that the Future Leaders have been involved with.

“After putting out a call for nominations for the Future Leaders Committee last year, the FLC were excited to announce our solution to allow each of the diversely skilled and uniquely talent applicants to be part of a series of Agile Project Teams we’ve established.

These agile project teams are led by current committee members who have kick started some exciting activity and channel the youthful optimism and enthusiasm that shone so brightly in the applications we received into tangible outputs that are creating a positive impact on the future of the industry, providing an opportunity to create a legacy and contribute to the  shape of the industry.

Aligned with our Committee Vision to attractdevelop and retain current and future leaders and foster collaboration, the Agile Project Teams that are as follows;

  • Innovation and Blue-Sky Thinking led by Brad Hooper
  • Content Creation and Engagement led by Kate Mitchell
  • Networking Events and Conference Concept led by Tracey Clarke
  • Mentoring and Research led by Stephen Edwards

Our previous Chairman Josh Carnavas and I have had the opportunity to oversee this process with the support of Maddy Sawyer from the Caravan Industry Association of Australia.

A number of Agile Projects have been submitted to the National Association for consideration, including Industry Research Project to understand the composition of the workforce which is currently underway, along with video series of various aspects of the industry.

Late this year we held the inaugural Behind the Scenes Tour to five very different businesses  Setec – BMPRO, Lifestyle Communities, Jayco, AL-KO and Dometic over 10 hours, followed by a networking dinner with 25 delegates who attended the event from varied professions including tourism, trade and suppliers of the Caravan Industry.

The level of engagement and participation of the future leaders community through various educational and networking events, developing new tools and insights and generally opening up the communication platforms throughout the caravanning and camping industry for those under 40.

The intention of the day was to provide insight into different sectors of the caravan and camping “eco-system’ to allow the leaders for tomorrow to be able to enter leadership positions with a well-rounded, broadened mind while fostering the sense of community and provide a networking opportunity.

Over the past year we’ve seen a 40% increase since the end of 2017 in the future leaders community Facebook audience – now 316 members.  With record numbers at the Future Leaders Forum, with 113 delegates in attendance we aim to have 200 delegates at our next major event being the Future Leaders Forum on the 15th of May 2019 on the Gold Coast.

Thanks again for your support and participation, this is an exciting time for the future leaders providing a positive impact on the direction of the Caravan Industry of Australia.

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Years.”