Future Leaders recap 2019

As another year passes, we are pleased to take a moment to reflect upon all that has taken place over the past twelve months.  And what a year it has been.

It has been our absolute pleasure to be able to host a range of events, in fact more than ever, for Future Leaders within the caravan and camping industry to facilitate new networks, spark ideas and prompt important conversations.  The networking breakfasts at Brisbane and Melbourne caravan and camping shows, Behind the Scenes Tours in Adelaide and Brisbane following the success of last year’s in Melbourne, and of course the Future Leaders Forum and Social Evening on the Gold Coast.

These events highlight two important attributes of the people who make up our great industry.  Firstly, the incredible talent.  Our industry is chock-a-block with people with such diverse skill sets, having followed (or are following) unique pathways and we are so proud of the vast array of professionalism as well as the opportunities this presents for new and emerging talent.  Secondly, the unwavering support from industry to open their doors and showcase the remarkable products, services and experiences they create. This willingness to share with young and emerging leaders and peers from various sectors within the industry is what makes the future stronger and sets the foundation for holistic thinking for the years ahead.

What really sets our industry apart is the breadth of business types – manufactures, suppliers, financial services, tourism and accommodation businesses, all with one commonality: the caravan and camping consumer.  Collectively we curate a memorable experience for travellers.  This was evident throughout all events, and the open-mindedness of those involved stands us as an industry in good stead for sustainability and longevity as we shift into the next decade.

As our Agile Project Teams are gaining traction, more and more cohesive projects are starting to come together – watch this space as we hope to bring some exciting activities your way in the new year.   That being said, many hands really do make light work, we would love your input on collective efforts to grow and strengthen the industry from a national perspective.  Flick us an email if you would like to be more involved in some of the projects underway – futureleaders@caravanindustry.com.au

For now, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable end of year break, reconnecting with loved ones and reflecting on the incredible achievements you have no doubt made this year.  We look forward to seeing you up on the Gold Coast on April 1st next year.