Government and Industry Leaders Celebrate Launch of BIG4 Launceston’s Latest Cabins

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Unveiling new Cabins at Big4 Launceston

Big4 Launceston Holiday Park recently marked a significant milestone for the Australian caravan and holiday park sector with the grand unveiling of their latest collection of cabins. This momentous occasion not only demonstrates the park’s dedication to innovation but also highlights the thriving potential of the caravan and holiday industry in Australia.

The ceremony was attended by a distinguished group of politicians, emphasizing the event’s importance to the local community and the wider tourism sector. Senator Helen Polley, who also serves as the chair of Friends of Caravanning, had the privilege of cutting the ribbon, symbolically ushering in a new era for Big4 Launceston Holiday Park. Her presence underscored the strong support that the caravan and holiday park sector receives from various levels of government.

Notable guests included Rebecca White, Leader of the Opposition, Bronwyn Wild, the Co-Owner of the park and former President of Caravanning Tasmania, Simon Wood, Parliamentary Secretary to the Tasmanian Premier, and the Honourable Nick Duigan, Minister for Small Business & Parks- all showcasing the broad range of government support for the industry.

Leader of the Opposition, Rebecca White, with Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s Luke Chippindale.

“Today’s unveiling is not only a celebration of new cabins but also a testament to the vitality and resilience of the caravan and holiday park industry in Australia, especially Tasmania. Big4 Launceston Holiday Park’s investment in quality and innovation sets a benchmark for the industry and exemplifies the significant role our parks play in the tourism ecosystem. As we navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead, this event serves as a reminder of the industry’s strength,” said Caravan Industry of Association GM of Government Relations, Luke Chippindale.

The event also served as a platform for industry leaders and stakeholders to discuss the future of caravanning and holiday parks in Australia. With sustainability, innovation, and community at the heart of the conversation, it was evident that the sector is poised for significant growth and evolution.