Hitched & Pitched, a program to match new business ideas with investors in the Caravan Industry

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The Caravan Industry Association of Australia is pleased to share with you Hitched & Pitched, a new accelerator program designed to attract innovation and new business ideas to the caravan and camping industry and support the businesses within it.

With a similar concept to the TV show Shark Tank, Hitched & Pitched will connect investors with start-ups and entrepreneurs who are building innovative, market changing technology and products and experiences suited for commercialisation in the caravan and camping industry.  

Keen to get your business idea happening 2021?

If you have a concept or business relating to the caravan and camping industry and are seeking investment, Hitched & Pitched is for you!

Hitched & Pitched is now on the hunt for Australian early stage businesses. Not only will this program kick-start your business by connecting you with established industry investors, there is also opportunity for industry and business coaching along the way.

Applications are open until 31 January 2021.

To find out more about putting your business idea forward click here.

Interested in Angel Investing?

Registrations are now open to become an Angel Investor within the Hitched & Pitched program, backing new businesses within the caravan and camping sector.

You will be connected with the selected start-ups to start a discussion on potential investing. Please register on our website to receive updates.

To find out more or express your interest in Angel Investing click here.

The caravan and camping eco-system

Businesses within the caravan and camping sector are diverse and resilient – from family owned and operated, to large scale big brands, forward thinking manufacturing, outdoor equipment and transformational visitor experiences, all with an expansive supply network of its own – and there is still so much more opportunity for expansion as the market grows and the products and services develop.

The challenges of 2020 really brought home just how interconnected the caravan and camping industry is, demonstrating how much of an impact it has on regional communities, local job creation and a whole range of other businesses who rely of visitor movement and demand for an iconic Australian experience.

A market bursting with opportunity

In 2019, caravan and camping trips became the most popular holiday type for Australians. While the COVID-19 crisis has made 2020 a very difficult year for much of the industry, it has also created a new opportunity. The international border closure has generated a change in in travel movement and behaviour and it is expected that over the next 3-5 years, caravan and camping will experience a golden era as Aussies look for safe, local ways to enjoy their down time and reconnect.

A $23 billion industry that accounted for 60 million visitor nights last year, the industry really is a quiet giant which is now ripe for new business and innovative products and experiences to add to the visitor experience.

“Our industry is bursting at the seams with opportunity for both new and existing businesses to continue to improve the experience for the caravan and camping traveller.  Investing in new ideas and encouraging innovation is key to the long term sustainability of our vibrant sector, which is the lifeblood of so many regional communities throughout Australia.”

Stuart Lamont, CEO Caravan Industry Association of Australia

“Hitched & Pitched provides an industry specific solution which is invaluable to attract new talent into the sector, encourage healthy competition and share new ideas to meet the ever changing needs of our consumers.”

— Grant Wilckens, Chair of Caravan Industry Association of Australia & CEO/Founder of G’Day Group

“We began our company by launching through an accelerator program. Now we are in 4 countries and a leader in our field, in less than 5 years.”

— Justin Hales, Founder of Camplify

Hitched & Pitched is an initiative of the Future Leaders Committee for the Caravan Industry, to find out more about Future Leaders events and programs, click here.

For more information of the program click below, please contact futureleaders@caravanindustry.com.au with any questions.